Top 5 Pokemon-like games!

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For those  of us who are too eager to play the upcoming Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let's Go Eevee games.

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     Oh, Yeah Boy! Isn't it a wonderful year for those of us who happened to be a lucky and happy owner of Nintendo Switch? So many great titles we saw and more are coming up next! And if you are a Pokemon fan, just like myself, than your excitement should be doubled! A new Pokemon game is upcoming at November 16th and there are some things that I can distinguish as «special» about it.

List of special things about Pokemon Let's Go Series:

   1) This is the first time we can play a FULL pokemon game on a big screen. Yeah, we had Super Game Boy and other accessories that would help us to run a GBC/GBA cartridge on a TV. But now we are talking about playing like that NATIVELY and thanks to hybrid feature of Switch we are still able to play it on-the-go! Isn't that just amazing?

   2) Those games are new modern colorful 3D remake of a classic Pokemon Red/Blue/Green game! And me personally don't know a better reason to go out and grab it first day! They will take us to old and good Kanto Region where all of us (at least the over-25s) encountered our first pokemon back in the days. If that Kanto Region could hook us to that wonderful Pokemon World then, than it should be able to do it again with new generation of players. Right?

   3) Yeah, there is one questionable thing about those games. Developers decided to throw out wild pokemon battles and replace them with pokeball/tame Safari-Zone-Like (or Pokemon-Go-Like) mechanic. This definitely could be the reason stopping you fr om buying the game on the first day. But I'm not going to judge that move, let me play the game first (yes, it is a freaking disaster! Next time make a Mario game and throw away jumping, Nintendo!).

      And so... If you are too anxious to wait for release, if you are itching and twitching on your seat awaiting new Pokemon game, or if you are no good with Pokemon-Go-Like mechanic and searching for more «classic» Pokemon experience, than for all of you, people, Me presents my list of The Best Pokemon-Like Games!

5. Yo-kai Watch 2 (Nintendo 3DS)

      At first glance Yo-Kai Watch 2 is straightest Pokemon rip-off you can think of. There are too many similarities that are too obvious to deny. You encounter monsters, battle them, become friends with them, make them stronger and then they go rest to some sort of sphere! And even more — they released the game in two versions! And the difference between them is monsters that you encounter in the game! Sounds familiar? I bet it does! So yeah, those games are pretty much alike, but still Yo-Kai Watch 2 is a wonderful game, that confidently stands out of all other Pokemon rip-offs. You get a strong story line and a lot of side quests here to complete. These easily could draw you into 60-and-more-hour game. And what really does stand out is battle system. 

      It is kind of semi-automatic: Yo-Kais battle on their own, you don't choose an attack or anything. But you decide when and how they use their special abilities, so you can plan your attacks and build up some tactics. Also you have that disk in the bottom where all six of your Yo-Kais are fit, and by spinning this disk you decide who exactly is gonna be in the battle. You can use only 3 battlers at a time, but you can change them on-the-fly by a simple spin. Should I add that the game just wonderfully utilizes the second 3DS screen and all of it's features?  So, if you're a lucky Nintendo 3DS owner (like myself) than go out and check Yo-Kai Watch 2 for your system. You'll get lots of fun!

4. Monster Hunter Stories (Nintendo 3DS)

      If you are a fan of Monster Hunter series than you should already know about this game and most probably you were not impressed by it. 'Cause this high-octane-bloody-slashy action which has made the series so popular has been replaced with jRPGish turn-based battle. Sharp turn, right!? But if you (as the title of the article suggests) are a Pokemon fan than you are totally going to get lots of fun with this game. Concept is still here: search for monsters, fight them, tame them, teach and power-up them and so on. What makes this game special is heart-warming story. Yeah it's kinda simple and predictable, but still funny and has a lot of interesting characters in it. Also you'll be amused by battle system. It is still turn-based battle in it's core, but also there is rock-paper-scissors thing in it. 

      There are three types of attack: speed, power, technical, one is stronger than another, you know. And every turn you decide which one you use and if you get it right — your damage is doubled (opponent's the opposite) and if you don't — divide by two. If you choose the same type of attack as your monstie (you get to battle only one of them at a time, switchable during the battle) and your opponent choose a weaker one, than you perform a tag attack that leave your opponent without an answer. It seems kind of strange at first but I promise you'll get addicted! And more wonderful thing about this game! From a very recent time (maybe not that recent really, it is just me found out this recently, but in reality it could be out for a long time already) Monster Hunter Stories is available on Android/iOS smartphones! Isn't that just amazing? So if you don't have 3DS system, or you just want to save a couple of bucks, (it's cheaper for iOS in my city. Go and check in yours) go on and live this wonderful experience in this cartoonish Monster Hunter world right now on your phone!

3. World of Final Fantasy

      An amazing cartoonish art style and hilarious bubblehead characters are awaiting you in The World of Final Fantasy! Actually this was enough for them to catch my attention... And I have a copy for PS4! … But it is sealed still... So I can not say much about it, but what I know, except a beautiful art style, is that in the game you will find yourself catching monsters and stack 'em up into some kind of towers (it's weird, I know) and use those stacks in battles. Turn-based strategy is still on, but those stacks... oh boy... ain't they something special? The types of monster you use, or allied characters you put into the stack affect your stats on a battlefield. I can not imagine how many variations you can get there. It means that every battle can bring you new experience! 

      Maybe it's not so Pokemon-Like, but it is still about taming monsters, so it deserves to be listed here. Another reason to go into the game is that the game itself was originally released in 2016, but in November 2018 it's gonna get an extension called World of Final Fantasy MAXIMA. The cool thing number 1 is that we will get some additional content there. I don't know what exactly but I'll be checking it out. The cool thing number 2 is that lucky owners of an original copy will get an extension for free! I hope it is not rumor, oh god, I hope it is not a rumor... And the cool thing number 3 (or I would call it «The Coolest Thing») they are releasing MAXIMA version on Xbox and, the most important, Nintendo Switch! It is just unbelievable! I can't tell how exited I am about this, because I always say that all of those big, long and grindy jRPGs are so better in portable. I want action at home, I want strategy on the go. Simple. Let me know if you agree with me or not on this one in the comment section down below.

2. Robotrek

      For those who doesn't have PS4 or Switch or 3DS I suggest go download SNES emulator. This should work out for most of ya'll but remember that this is illegal and if you have an opportunity to play it on original hardware you better go that way. For me it's almost impossible.
Robotrek, I think, became much more popular now than it was back in the 90s. I think it's because it was often overlooked back than and now you can find the title in any «SNES hidden gems» list.
The game itself is a classic top-down view Enix' jRPG with turn-based battles. The gameplay always reminds you of Pokemon although you do not battle monster or tame them. Here you build robots which are used in battle, you build them with unique stats and combo moves. You get to take up to 3 robots with you and use only one of them at a time in battle against up to 3 enemies. In battle you get a side view and you can see the battlefield itself and not only you see it — but you can walk it and use your position on it wisely to build up a strategy to get an easy win.


      The game is not too long in comparison with other Enix's games. It takes up to 4 hours to beat the main story and if you are going for hardcore you can get up to 20 hours of extra gameplay. Beautiful graphics, music and wonderful story. Go for it, highly recommended.

      And before I announce the game that is totally, in my opinion, should be revisited before you play Pokemon Let's Go, I want to tell you about the game you should play after new Pokemons. Monster Crown a classic top-down view jRPG where you tame, breed and crossbreed monsters. The graphics, music and even monster art style are incredibly Pokemon-ish! It's coming out on February 1st in 2019 for PC. Also there are rumors about Switch release and I hope that they are true.

1. Pokemon Red/Blue/Green.

      Yeah, the title says "Pokemon-like games" so the games are to be any but not Pokemon and it may be considered as kind of cheap move to make this pick. I'll explain. You may think the first place of my list could be given to any Pokemon game, but actually not. I picked exactly this game because this one is wh ere the journey begins. It is the original game, the original story that is remastered for Pokemon Let's Go. Wouldn't that be just wonderful to see for yourself the way that the series made, all the changes were made there, to understand what exactly is better now and what eventually gets worse? Don't you want to relive this experience and feel the difference? I think there is no better way to see all this.

      Pokemon Red/Blue/Green series are my favorites for all those years and this is my top pick for the list of Top-5 Pokemon-Like Games you should revisit before playing Pokemon Let's Go Pickachu and Let's Go Eevee.

Are you agree with my picks? Maybe you have some better examples? Leave your opinion in a comment section down below. It's important to me to know what you think.
Now good luck to ya'll and have a great rest of your day!
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