Just Shapes & Beats [Eng]

One of the best, imho, rhythm game.

IMHO - in my humble opinion.

Уникальность текста: 100.0%
Просмотров: 112
Release date: May 31, 2018.
Platforms: Microsoft Windows; Nintendo Switch.
Genre: Indiе; Action; Rhythm game with elements of BulletHell.

You play as a cube. You move a variety of objects from which you have to Dodge the usual movements or jerks. After contact with objects in you, cube have off pieces that the game very much desorientiert in space.
When the cube is completely destroyed, you are not sent back to the main menu, and acts a kind of time reversal to prevent your destruction

Sometimes on levels you attacked by bosses. Each boss requires a special strategy.
If you get bored of playing, there is also a co-op game mode that allows you to spend your free time in the company of your best friends.
On Metacritic the game received very good grades, and more specifically, 83 / 100.

Result: The game is very addictive and dynamic, both in single and cooperative mode. Interesting gameplay and concept along with challenging bosses and great music create a great game for an interesting waste of your time.

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