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Yes, as you understand, I will do a review on the game, which came out three years earlier than I was born, it's Heroes of Might and Magic IV!


Our dinosaur gaming industry was developed by "New World Computing", released in 2002 by "the 3DO Company "and localized into Russian (my native language) "Buka Entertainment Enterprises" or simply "Buka" as you will be comfortable.


Heroes of Might and Magic IV is a turn - based strategy. Moves in the game are carried out on a daily basis, an unlimited number of them. But it's not so simple, our Hero has a scale of energy that is spent when walking, and if you go for example, in the snow or sand, the energy will be spent almost twice as fast. Walking is carried out on invisible cells, in the likeness of checkers or chess. But do not despair, the rapid expenditure of energy can be slowed down, picking up special items or using some buildings on the map, which in one move allow you to go a greater distance, usually seven cells.

The game has six races and as many kinds of magic - "Life", "Death", "Order", "Chaos", "Nature" and of course "Power" {in fact, it is not magic, but it pumped just as well}. You will choose one of these races. All races are different spellcasting, one better pumped the magic of life, and the other feat of arms, well, you understand. Then fr om the selected race you randomly selected one of the two directions of pumping your character, the so-called classes. Namely mage, warrior or Archer. Why from two if I wrote three classes? Because in all races there are only two kinds of class. Later, after the construction of the taverns you can buy more of the two Characters {one castle can build only one tavern, and buy only one hero.}, any race, but to choose a class only of the two proposed options, and that it would come across, regardless of race.

In this game, as in many strategies need to develop their shelter - castles. The architecture of castles and buildings that can be built in it depends on its location. Pumping units in castles occurs in two directions-long-range combat, or near, but all units are unique in their own way, someone does not act magic, someone steals mana, someone has vampirism, someone flies, someone swims. Each unit is unique! But there are units which can not be bought in the castle and can only be found in battle. Swimming in the sea on the ship, you can meet pirates who can not be hired in his army. But there are units that can be purchased, but not in the castle, and in the open world in different buildings, wh ere for a fee and you can hire them.


The plot is divided into six exciting campaigns - "the True blade", "the daughter of the pirate", "the Price of peace", "Former glory", "half-dead" and "Elwin and Shaera". Such a number of campaigns reminded me how in the current games from TellTaleGames also divide the plot into campaigns, but they already need to pay extra. All right, back to the past. Each campaign is played from the different actors. In one of the campaigns the story is told from the faithful squire of the government in full during and the other from elf - Alvin looking for his lost beloved - Saaru. All campaign is very interesting, I especially liked the story about Goldate half-dead, who was formerly an ordinary human, but after a brutal battle, half of his body was burned and died and in order not to die, Gadot have all the time to maintain her health and spell recovery.

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