Game Table in Breath of the wild Style

I will not tell about the process of creation itself, just tell the prehistory and share photos of the table.
And sorry for my bad english

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Those who read me on this site know that I am fond of board games. However, many of these same games require a fairly large space for the game, or rather a large table. Therefore, most of the time we play with the company on the floor, for it is easier. Either the card does not fit the game on the table, or any components. Because it is not surprising that I have long wanted myself a table for board games.

Actually, on mere desire, everything could have ended if I had not broken my leg (about a month ago). Just like that, without work, lying at home is pretty boring, because my hands are itching to do something. And somehow it coincided that when she returned home, the girlfriend found a discarded table on the street near the house (one of the neighbors was making repairs that day and dumped a lot of old stuff). She took a photo of him and came home and showed me a photo. And something snapped in me. We also did repairs in the room where we planned to hold meetings with the company on the tabletops. And there was no table. And then there's the round! I don’t know why, but I like the round tables. Straight very. Well, they didn’t think long and we went to drag him along. The picture was pretty funny. I, lame because of a broken leg, a girl, limping from having stepped on a nail, stubbornly, with our feet, carry the table. Fortunately, there were no problems with this.

Well, after that there was a question what to do with the table. Well, it was just that his condition was not the best, he was also all sticky. Leave it so it was impossible. We remembered that we have an old wood burner, which means we need to burn out the patterns on it. And which ones? The options have been reviewed many, and then I thought about how to make the table gaming. Well, on the subject of any game. At first, the thoughts went in the direction of board games. Well, there burn out the field of a game, etc. But somehow, gradually, I came up with the idea to design it in the style of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild. It was just a beautiful canvas with an old legend, which became a source of inspiration. Yes, and then I remembered that in the game each rune has its own designation in the form of a letter of the English alphabet. So why not let them around the perimeter of the table? Yes, there, paint them blue to be identical to what was in the game! Or not, let's go ahead, make them glow in the dark!

And the idea became obsessive. The image in my head was built, it remains to be done. And we started. I have to say, none of us had any such experience at all. We did everything on pure enthusiasm. Therefore, yes, there are shoals, there are certain mistakes and shortcomings. But to be honest, I’m satisfied with the result. Live it by the way is much cooler than in the photo. Well, and then go to the photos with the transformation of the table to the final form.

And it was decided to shorten the table. There is always a shortage of chairs, it is easier to sit on the pads. Because its height is now only 40cm. The night photo of luminous runes was made with great difficulty, because the camera refused to take pictures. Therefore, the whole table could not be photographed at night, and it is a pity because it looks just amazing.
And I could not resist and covered with a luminous paint the sword at the Amiibo link x)
P.s. Thank you for reading this article. Counting on your likes, comments, tips and tricks.

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